Next Class Starts TUESDAY, MAY 7th, 2024, at 7 PM Eastern Time

All classes are Virtual

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What do I Study in the Class?

Students attend 24 scheduled sessions. Each class includes two areas of study, one devoted to religious and cultural topics and the other to developing Hebrew literacy-a study of basic reading skills in Hebrew and an understanding of the Siddur, the prayer book. In addition to study, students attend services weekly. This may be at the synagogue of the sponsoring Rabbi or the Conservative synagogue nearest the student’s home. Students also participate in various activities that supplement classroom studies and meet as appropriate with the sponsoring Rabbi.

Where and when are the classes?

All classes are virtual. Each series of classes lasts for 24 weeks and is held on Tuesday evenings for 2 – 2 1/2 hours. One session begins in September and another begins in March.